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A very important feature of the IRCM is that basic research and medical practice coexist and feed off each other. The IRCM deserves our support, both from the business community and from the general public.

– Martin Thibodeau, Honorary chairman of the Annual Dinner (2014 to 2017)

One-time donation

You can send us a donation by check (payable to IRCM Foundation) or by credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Monthly donation

A great way to be generous without having a big impact on your budget! Monthly withdrawals or donations by post-dated checks allow you to contribute throughout the year. 

In Memoriam donation

You can honour the memory of a loved one, while helping to advance biomedical research and patient care at the IRCM. When a loved one dies, you can also indicate that a donation to the IRCM Foundation is preferred to sending flowers.

Donation of shares

You can receive substantial tax credits by donating shares to the IRCM Foundation. Simply transfer your shares directly to the Foundation electronically. 

Planned donation

You want to leave your mark and support the IRCM in a sustainable way? By preparing your planned donation with the IRCM Foundation, you ensure that it will go to the project that is important to you. You have two choices, depending on your preferences:

A generous way to support biomedical research while reducing taxes for your estate.

Insurance policy
Several options are available to you, depending on when you want to take advantage of the tax credit.

Whichever option you choose, we suggest that you consult your notary or financial advisor, in addition to the IRCM Foundation, so that you make the choice that best suits your financial and family situation.

Through my commitment to IRCM and my actions, however simple, I am able to show my gratitude and contribute to the influence of this remarkable institution.

– Jean-Sébastien Graham, Patient at the IRCM Clinic

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Make a difference for health researchers and students with your donation.
A tax receipt is issued for all donations of $20 or more or upon request.
You may request that your name remain anonymous. 
[Registration number 11892 9041 RR0001]

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My seat, my IRCM program

You want to show your attachment to the IRCM and recognize the research contribution of its founder, Dr Jacques Genest? Your $1,000 donation to the IRCM Foundation will help create the Jacques Genest Scholarship, name a seat in the new IRCM auditorium in your name and receive a tax receipt for the full value of your donation.

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