IRCM Awards

Marcel-Piché Prize

The Marcel-Piché Prize is awarded every two years to an IRCM researcher in recognition of his research and his contribution to the growth and outreach of the Institute.

Marcel Piché, a Montreal lawyer specializing in corporate law, played an active role in the foundation of the IRCM. He was the first President of the corporation and remained with the organization until 1991. Throughout his career, he showed special interest in the IRCM and continually encouraged its expansion. He thereby made a significant contribution to the growth and outreach of the Institute. The IRCM’s management and researchers appreciate Marcel Piché’s valuable collaboration in the institute’s evolution, and recognize that few other organizations were lucky enough to benefit from such a visionary’s support.


2017 recipient: Frédéric Charron, Director of the Molecular Biology of Neural Development Research Unit

2019 recipient: Éric Racine, Director of the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit

Merit Award

The IRCM Merit Award is presented to individuals who play an exceptional role in the development of biomedical sciences or who whole-heartedly defend the values held dear by the Montreal Clinical Research Institute.

The Medal of Merit has been awarded to an individual from the IRCM community since 1967.

2018 recipient: Louis-Gilles Durand

Louis-Gilles Durand is a pioneer of the IRCM. He first joined the IRCM in 1975 to set up a medical electronics laboratory, which a few years later became the Biomedical Engineering Research Unit. An officer of the Ordre national du Québec, Dr. Durand has trained a large number of engineers and scientists and is the author of more than 300 publications. In addition to his scientific career, Dr. Durand has held several administrative positions at the IRCM, including the role of Acting President and Scientific Director of the Institute from 2004 to 2006 and Treasurer of the IRCM and its Foundation. He retired from IRCM in 2018 after 42 years of loyal service to the Institute.

2019 recipient: Tarik Möröy