Research Division

Cancer and Genetic Diseases

Conquering cancer

The IRCM actively participates in efforts to cure cancer – the leading cause of death in Quebec. Cancer research is complex, as more than 200 different types of cancer exist, affecting various organs and systems. Researchers in this field benefit from the extensive knowledge, gained over 20 years of intense basic and applied research, on the mechanisms and causes of the malignant transformation of cells.

Despite new therapeutic options that allow us to cure a high proportion of cancer, the battle is far from over.

At the IRCM, current studies focus on malignant transformation and tumour growth, metastasis, and the genetic bases for predisposition to cancer. In addition, research is conducted on a number of human diseases, including, osteopetrosis (absence of bone resorption), polycystic kidney disease (fluid-filled cysts within the kidney), sickle cell disease (abnormal red blood cells), ciliopathies (a group of diseases caused by defects in cilia), myopathies (muscle disease), and lung developmental defects.

Research Unit directors

Jean-François Côté

Interim President and Scientific Director of the IRCM; Vice President Research and Academic Affairs; Research Unit Director

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