Health Ethics Seminar Series - Panel : Jean Rochon et Michel Clair

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Panel de discussion où deux anciens ministres québécois s’entretiendront sur les valeurs au coeur de notre système de santé et sur l’importance du dialogue public pour l’avenir de notre système de santé au Québec.

Jean Rochon et Michel Clair


How can our health system and health professionals be more attentive to patients? Should they be and why? Which changes are needed in healthcare and in the health system? What are the challenges of dialogue and deliberation for patients or between team members, or even within the same institution or network of care?

The 2019-2020 edition of the Montreal Health Ethics Seminar Series will address dialogue and deliberation in health settings. Politicians, researchers, clinicians, and public personalities will share their insights on the issues surrounding ethical deliberation in health, focusing on the decision-making process, the healthcare professional-patient relationship, the care provided to marginalized populations, and more.

Free, no registration necessary. Public conference, open to all.

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April 9 2020
12 h 00 to 13 h 00