Hypertension Clinic


Hypertension Clinic under the direction of Dr. Maxime Lamarre-Cliche

The Hypertension Clinic of the Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) assesses and treats patients who have rare disorders of blood pressure regulation. A pioneer and still at the forefront of this field of expertise in Canada, the Clinic is involved in postgraduate education and research efforts in hypertension. The research protocols that are underway mainly focus on new methods of diagnosis, monitoring and treatment and aim to improve the management of hypertensive patients.

Maxime Lamarre-Cliche

Clinic Director

Physician and researcher, Dr. Maxime Lamarre-Cliche is a specialist in internal medicine. He is the Director of the Hypertension Clinic at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) and a research fellow at the Institute.

Dr. Lamarre-Cliche also practices medicine at the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal and he is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Université de Montréal. He is the author and co-author of several scientific papers and manuscripts and has received numerous awards for excellence.

He completed his medical studies at the Université de Montréal where he obtained a specialization in internal medicine and clinical pharmacology. He has also completed additional training in clinical research at the Centre d’investigation clinique and the Blood Pressure Service of the Hôpital européen Georges-Pompidou (Paris).

Maxime Lamarre-Cliche
Clinic Director
Isabelle Bourdeau
Michel Bertrand
Chantal Blais
Martine Gauthier
Head Nurse
Chor Chiat Goh
Hélène L'Archevêque
Mikhael Laskine
Nathalie Ng Cheong
Paul Van Nguyen
Ghislaine Roederer
Robert Wistaff


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