Message from the President

The IRCM, a recognized leader in the field of biomedical research

We are currently living in a period overcome with enthusiasm, and one that offers a wide range of possibilities for biomedical research. Medical and natural science practices, including biology, are closer than ever, and modern technology allows us to surpass the levels of precision and understanding we have seen so far.

The genomes of numerous living beings have now been deciphered. We possess high-performance instruments, such as powerful mass spectrometers, broadband sequencers, and microscopes, with which we can study in real-time what is happening in living cells. We have a series of well-characterized model organisms and we have mastered the art of generating mutants to study nearly all molecular mechanisms underlying cell functioning.

At the Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM), we are taking part in this adventure. Equipped with state-of-the-art core facilities, the Institut is a recognized leader in the field of biomedical research. Each directed by a renowned researcher/professor, our research units are making discoveries that will change the way we treat the deadliest diseases, including cancer, diabetes, hypertension, neural and immune system diseases.

Though much progress in the understanding of life’s mechanisms (such as human genome sequencing) is accomplished by multicenter efforts and collaborations, a large majority of important discoveries are often made by individual researchers who are talented, and inspired. But just as large consortia, he too needs a favourable environment for the realization of his projects. The IRCM offers these passionate researchers the ideal conditions to experiment with their boldest ideas, test their own notions and make their own way for the benefit of all.


Tarik Möröy, PhD
President and Scientific Director