$300,000 for diabetes research at the IRCM

Jan. 29 2013 | Donation, Diabetes

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The IRCM Foundation is pleased to announce that the J.A. DeSève Foundation has made a major donation of $300,000 to its Give for Life fundraising campaign.

“The progression of diabetes is worrying,” mentions René Goulet, J.A. DeSève Foundation trustee. “At the J.A. DeSéve Foundation, we feel concerned by this situation and believe it is important to invest in this field of research. Diabetes research projects conducted at the IRCM are particularly interesting to us, which is why we are happy to support IRCM researchers.”

The donation made by the J.A. DeSève Foundation will be used for diabetes research and for the development of an external artificial pancreas at the IRCM.

“The IRCM sincerely thanks the J.A. DeSève Foundation,” says Dr. Tarik Möröy, the IRCM’s President and Scientific Director. “This donation will help advance diabetes research and will be used to obtain the equipment required for this advancement.”

IRCM diabetes experts are working on the development of an external artificial pancreas, which is a device that can measure the quantity of insulin required following a reading of blood glucose levels and automatically inject the proper dose. This technology should significantly simplify the treatment of type 1 diabetes while also reducing the risk of complications such as hypoglycemia (dangerously low blood glucose).

“Our research has shown very promising results so far,” adds Dr. Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret, Director of the research platform on obesity, metabolism and diabetes at the IRCM. “I am very touched by the J.A. DeSève Foundation’s confidence in this innovative project and I genuinely thank them for it. This new technology will drastically improve the quality of life for patients treated with insulin.”

Founded over 40 years ago by Joseph Alexandre DeSève, the J.A. DeSève Foundation supports non-profit organizations working in the fields of charity, hospital support, welfare, culture and education. Thus, large sums are donated to organizations who contribute, in one way or another, to improving our collective well-being.