A $100,000 fund to support the IRCM’s academic activities

Feb. 3 2016 | Donation

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The IRCM Foundation announces a new allocation of the Marie and Willie Chrétien Fund created in the 1970s. At the request of the Chrétien family, the fund will now be renamed the Marie and Willie Chrétien Fund for the IRCM Student Association. The purpose of this perpetuity fund is to contribute to the scientific benefits provided to young researchers by the institute’s activities.

“In order to support future generations of scientists, this fund, created to honour our parents’ memory, will mainly support the IRCM Student Association’s academic activities,” explains Dr. Michel Chrétien, IRCM Emeritus Research Professor. “For example, it can cover the cost of the students’ Research Day, pay expenses for a special guest speaker and possibly help furnish the student lounge at the IRCM.”

The Marie and Willie Chrétien Fund was the result of generous personal and in memoriam donations by relatives and friends of the Chrétien family. With the endowment of donations received over the years now reaching $100,000, the fund will contribute approximately $5,000 annually to the IRCM’s academic activities.

“The IRCM’s student community is very happy with the fund’s new allocation,” says Yannick Cyr, President of the IRCM Student Association. “The stimulating academic life provided at the institute is a significant asset in the pursuit of our graduate studies and greatly contributes to our scientific development.”

In light of the IRCM’s 50th anniversary in 2017, the fund's income for 2015 and 2016 will be exceptionally combined to allow the students to organize a special conference with an internationally-renowned guest speaker.

“For Marie and Willie Chrétien, education was THE family priority,” adds Dr. Michel Chrétien, former IRCM Scientific Director. “They would be proud to realize that the fund created to honour them is dedicated to present and future students.”