The IRCM Foundation awards $414,500 in scholarships

Sept. 26 2018 | Students, Internal community

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The Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) Foundation recently announced the 36 recipients of its annual scholarship competition. Thanks to the generosity of the Foundation's donors, the scholarships, which totalled $414,500, were awarded to undergraduate, master’s and PhD students, as well as postdoctoral fellows who distinguished themselves through the quality of their academic record. 

Nominees were selected by committees of researchers from external institutions, who evaluated the applications submitted following the 2018 internal scholarship competition. The recipients of the Bombardier-Molson scholarships in Molecular and Cellular Medicine were recruited by a committee of IRCM researchers.

Congratulations to the winners!


Summer internships

IRCM scholarships for young researchers
Ali Almail, supervised by François Robert
Project: The role of the chromatin remodeler Chd1 in the recruitment of the histone chaperone FACT to chromatin

Andreea Alexandra Bostean-Olariu, supervised by Jacques Drouin
Project: Pathogenic mechanisms of Cushing disease

Ibrahim Balhass, supervised by Mathieu Ferron
Project: Fonction de Ia proprotéine convertase furine dans le maintien de la masse osseuse

Frédéric Coulombe, supervised by Javier Di Noia
Project: Variation des niveaux d’expression de gènes codant pour cofacteurs de l’enzyme AID participant du changement de classe des anticorps

Justine Fortin, supervised by Eric Racine
Project: Develop an ethics intervention tool for the transition from pediatric to adult health care

Alexander Kaltashov, supervised by Nicole Francis
Project: In vitro analysis of the sequence properties of the Polycomb Group protein PSC and their role in phase separation and chromatin interactions

Camille Latour, supervised by Jean-François Côté
Project: A novel proteomics approach to uncover RHO GTPases effector pathways

Tara Maisonnet, supervised by Éric A. Cohen
Project: Effet du facteur de restriction antiviral BST2/Tetherin sur la présentation antigénique lors de l'infection par le VIH-1

Flavie Marquis, supervised by Jennifer Estall
Project: Investigating the impact of low hepatic PGC-1α on liver cell apoptosis in NAFLD-associated liver cancer

Nathalie Ngoc Mai Van, supervised by André Veillette
Project: Expression and function of SLAM family receptors in B cells

Master's scholarships

Bombardier-Molson scholarships in Molecular and Cellular Medicine 
Chloé Apcher
Julien Lacouchie-Payen    
Jiaxin Li
Rachelle Sauvé
Noé Seija Desivo
Adrien Sprumont

IRCM Challenge scholarships
Yulia Ezhova, supervised by Michel Cayouette
Project: Role of the CaMK2 protein complex in photoreceptor polarity and ciliogenesis

Radmir Sarsenov, supervised by Martin Sauvageau
Projet: Characterizing the role of the long non-coding RNA CRNDE in the colorectal cancer 

Aurélie Huang Sung, supervised by Nicole Francis
Projet: Identification of Factors Involved in the Chromatin Binding of Polycomb Group Proteins Across the Cell Cycle 

Annual Campaign Donors’ scholarship
Joanna Li, supervised by Woong-Kyung Suh
Project: Role of ICOS signalling in germinal center T cell generation and function

Michel-Bélanger scholarship
Heather Anderson-Keightly, supervised by Frédéric Charron
Project: Investigating the role of senescent cells in medulloblastoma progression

TD scholarship
Zhaoyu Wang, supervised by André Veillette
Project: Blockade of CD200R1-CD200 interaction upregulates phagocytosis

Doctoral scholarships

Emmanuel-Triassi scholarships
Therence Bois, supervised by Javier Di Noia
Projet: The biological function of a vertebrate-specific deaminase that produces dUTP

Marion Lacroix, supervised by Tarik Möröy
Projet: Role of the DDX3X RNA helicase in Burkitt Lymphoma and T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Guépards et Gazelles Gourmands scholarship
Juan-Carlos Padilla, supervised by Éric Lécuyer
Project: Defining the mechanisms of RNA targeting to cancer cell derived extracellular vesicles 

Jacques-Gauthier scholarship
Chao Chang, supervised by Artur Kania
Project: New ephrin-B:EphB2 and Netrin1:Unc5c Signalling Pathways in Development and Disease

IRCM Challenge scholarships
Achraf Boutayeb, supervised by François Robert
Projet: The role of Mediator in post-initiation events

Céline Schott, supervised by Mathieu Ferron
Project: Rôle de la protéine GAS6 et de son récepteur tyrosine kinase AXL dans le métabolisme énergétique  

TD scholarship
Islam Elkholi, supervised by Jean-François Côté
Projet: Genomic approaches to uncover genes regulating tumor cell dormancy 

Postdoctoral scholarships

Angelo-Pizzagalli scholarships
Matthew Sample, supervised by Eric Racine
Project: BCIs in the Public and Practitioner Eye: An International Study of Stakeholder Perspectives  

Zhenghai Tang, supervised by André Veillette
Project: The SIRP alpha immune checkpoint in mocrophages

Jean-Coutu scholarships
Ali Ouadda Ben Djoudi, supervised by Nabil G. Seidah
Project: Characterization of PCSK9 phosphorylation 

Jonathan Bergeman, supervised by Éric Lécuyer
Project: Étude des défauts d’export nucléaire des ARN dans les maladies à répétitions nucléotidiques 

Ariane Larouche, supervised by Javier Di Noia
Project: UNG inhibition as an alternative treatment for B cell lymphomas expressing AID: mechanistic study and proof of concept 

Arturo Papaluca, supervised by Mohan Malleshaiah
Project: Uncovering distinct mouse pluripotemt stem cell states and the mechanisms for their transitions

Vandana Sharma, supervised by Éric A. Cohen
Project: To investigate the mechanism of antigen presentation interference by HIV during macrophage infection