A message from Max Fehlmann, new President and Scientific Director of the IRCM

March 4 2019 | Appointment

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I am proud and excited to join the Institute as President and Scientific Director. I would like to thank you for your kind greeting.

It is an honour to succeed the founder of the IRCM, Dr. Jacques Genest, as well as Drs. Michel Chrétien, Yvan Guindon, Louis-Gilles Durand, and, of course, Tarik Möröy, my immediate predecessor. Over the past five decades, they have successfully created a unique institution that combines basic and clinical research and trained talented scientists. They can be very proud of this achievement.

I intend to maintain this level of excellence and contribute to advancing the IRCM towards a future that is ambitious as well as rich in discoveries.

The IRCM: A Unique Biomedical Research Institution That Brings Together Internationally Renowned Researchers and Clinicians under One Roof

For more than five decades, the IRCM has brought together researchers and physicians from every field, including molecular biology, ethics, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, neuroscience, stem cell research, and medicinal chemistry.

However, one major cause unites all these researchers: to better understand the diversity and complexity of diseases in hopes of developing innovative treatments.

Interdisciplinary by nature, this type of “translational” medicine is at the dawn of revolutionizing the practice of medicine by bridging the gap between basic biological science and the exercise of a more precise clinical practice tailored to the needs of each patient.

Our entire community of researchers, clinicians, students and employees now faces the challenge of integrating this unique continuum. By accelerating the development of scientific discoveries into concrete, rapid applications for patients, the IRCM will fully play the role of an international leader in translational medicine.

As a leading academic institution, the IRCM also brings together the most promising students, offering them an interdisciplinary environment and scientific advancement at the forefront. The Institute has fortunately had excellence-driven research staff for years, plus patients fully committed to advancing care through their participation in clinical trials.

Through their unwavering support of the IRCM Foundation, our many, very generous donors are also vital to the growth of the Institute, year after year.

Together, we will allow the IRCM to completely fulfill its mission and remain a leader in biomedical research and specialized health care.


Max Fehlmann, PhD, MBA
President and Scientific Director