Undergraduate internships

To initiate the next generation in biomedical research

Each year, the IRCM welcomes nearly ninety undergraduate trainees, half of whom come to do a credited internship. These internships can take place during the summer, fall or winter semesters depending on the laboratories’ capacity.


How to obtain an internship:

Consult the scientific structure of the IRCM which is composed of five research divisions, and communicate with the research unit director of your choice to discuss the terms for joining the IRCM.


For further information, please contact the Academic Affaires direction.

IRCM scholarships for young researchers

The IRCM scholarship competition for young researchers offers undergraduate students an enriching opportunity to conduct a 12 to 16 week summer internship at the IRCM, a renowned multidisciplinary environment that brings together more than 30 research units in five research divisions.

Application process

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