The Bioinformatics Core Facility aims to support scientists within and outside the IRCM in the analysis of biological and clinical data, in particular high throughput genomic data. Operating on a collaborative basis and paid services, the Bioinformatics Core Facility adds bioinformatics expertise to that of researchers in order to accelerate discoveries.

A project with the Bioinformatics Core Facility begins with an initial meeting to define the scientific and technical objectives of the study. This meeting is generally coupled with Odile Neyret, head of the Molecular Biology and Functional Genomics Core Facility to accompany the researcher from the design of his experiment to his final analysis. Following this initial consultation, a detailed analysis plan will be prepared to describe the project, cost and time estimates, and deliverable timelines. This plan is then discussed with the investigator and after approval, project implementation begins.

Offered services:

  • Data analysis (RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, RIP-Seq, DNA methylation, DNA-Seq, targeted sequencing of rRNAs, microarrays, other analysis)
  • Customized training courses
Virginie Calderon
Manager of the Core Facility
Caroline Grou
Bioinformatics Analyst