Common services

Available instrumentation at the IRCM


Electrophysiology facilities include instruments for measuring differences in electrical voltages or currents that occur in cells or tissues of living organisms and, in particular, in neurons and muscle fibres. In neuroscience, electrophysiology studies the electrical activity of neurons and in particular the emission of action potential.

Nuclear magnetic resonance

The IRCM has nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). NMR spectroscopy is one of the most widely used analytical tools in organic chemistry. It is used to determine the structure of many organic molecules.

Specialized equipment

The Specialized Equipment Service (SES) is responsible for the preventive maintenance, reception, installation, repair and calibration of scientific (off-set), medical, industrial and audiovisual research equipment. SES also maintains an inventory of all IRCM equipment.

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For more information on Technological Services and facilities available at the Institute, please contact Judith Cotton-Montpetit, Director of Core Facilities and Research Infrastructure at the IRCM.

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