Microinjection and Transgenesis

The function and the relevance of a gene on the pathogenesis of disease can be readily studied with great precision by removing (gene knockout), modifying (gene mutation), and overexpression (transgenesis) of genes in laboratory animals, mouse in particular. IRCM transgenic core facility, SPF-microinjection, is located in two animal facilities CPA and SPF+, offering services including DNA and RNA (crispr/cas9) microinjection into fertilized egg pronuclear, gene targeting in pluripotent embryonic stem (ES) cells, ES cell blastocyst microinjection, decontaminating mouse line (rederivation) and mouse line rescuing, conservation and management of genetically modified mouse lines. Recently new genomic editing technology (Crispr/cas9) has been very successfully adapted at IRCM. With this technology, it is easier to target a gene.

Qinzhang Zhu
Manager of the Core Facility
Lian Li
Research Assistant
André Veillette
Research Unit Director

Techniques of the core facility

Consult the techniques used in the Microinjection and Transgenesis Core Facility: pronuclear microinjection, ES cell microinjection, ES cell culture and homologous recombination, rederivation, and cryopreservation.