Participate in a clinical study

Take part in scientific research

Fundamental research can lead to the development of new diagnostic approaches or treatments that need to be evaluated for effectiveness and safety through clinical trials. These studies are the ultimate and necessary step before allowing their use. 

At the IRCM, our doctors and researchers are responsible for several clinical studies in which you can participate. Each study is evaluated and accepted by a research ethics committee. After obtaining your consent, you will be strictly monitored by a team of professionals, including nurses and doctors. Since it is often new techniques or molecules that have not been used in humans, we must monitor potential effects that cannot always be predicted.
If you want to participate in studies, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor or you can consult the list of current studies.

The BETTER project for type 1 diabetes

The BETTER project aims to develop a registry of individuals living with type 1 diabetes in Quebec to better characterize the causes, experience and consequences of hypoglycemia. Do you have the disease? Sign up now!

Visit the BETTER website